Service with Integrity

MTS is invested in providing a comprehensive solution and is willing to engage in active support with our customers. Essentially, our engagement with our customers does not cease at the point of sale. Indeed, our relationship commences at that point and develops.

Our managed services extends to the installation of complete infrastructure designed to meet the task intended. Our managed services extend to the following areas:

Airport Security: We will install a comprehensive security systems of hardware, software that combines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and scanning equipment to identify threats and screen both passengers and cargo while working with security agencies.

Port Single Window (PSW): This is a single platform that connects all aspects of the port community in clearing consignments. Whether the cargo is bound for the country or transiting through to another destination, this comprehensive system integrates every aspect of the clearing process linking all the relevant government and private sector stakeholders to give an efficient and expedient clearing process for consignments arriving, while continuously highlighting areas of bottleneck that need to be addressed to enhance the clearing process. The PSW has, whenever fully deployed, shown significant improvements in air, sea and border ports traffic and has yielded significant economic national benefits in terms of cost savings, employment benefits and investor friendly profile.

Central Electronic Inventory Register (CEIR): The benefits of this system, once deployed, cannot be exaggerated. In a world that is becoming far more interactive and interconnected, governments need to ensure that there is a mechanism that allows for tracking as well as to ensure that every apparatus is properly registered and has all the government levies paid. This managed service ensures that governments get full visibility on the mobile devices being used in the country and that they are licensed to operate within the country. The net positive effect of deploying this system has always materialized in terms of government revenues on duty collections as well as on the commensurate security benefits.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for Data Protection and Cyber Security: Through our security analyst team located in our center in Dubai, we are able to remotely identify and manage security threats to our government and corporate customers. Our approach is to aggregate the most advanced products and services that are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) to assure maximum protection to subscribers to this service. Depending on the customer needs, we can deploy on site and train customer personnel to manage their security needs or handle it on their behalf through our Security Operation Centre (SOC). The benefits to that would be that our managed services are constantly upgrading as the threat profile evolves. The customer need not get involved in the actual ever changing security threat landscape but will be getting regular reports on threat assessments and attempted infiltrations. As an aggregator, MTS does not invent these security platforms but rather identifies the best technology that will afford the maximum protection to customer data.


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