Service with Integrity

Integral to our Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) proposals is a comprehensive capacity building program that focusses on Training, Enhancement and Competence (TEC ). This TEC program ensures that the Human Resources will be in place to take over the project at the end of our BOT concessionary period such that the system continues uninterrupted. Our TEC team provide regular training of our local staff and those that are working in the government agency with whom MTS is contracted. TEC procedures and learning modules take on both an academic interface and a practical application format. MTS works in coordination and cooperation with the government assigned personnel to the project.

Furthermore and intrinsic to this capacity building, MTS will have put in place the required infrastructure that is needed to operate, manage and expand the services at the ports. In all our projects, a wholistic approach is taken to ensure a proper integration of hardware, IT systems and properly trained personnel. The end result is to ensure that the local capacity being built is sustainable and scalable to be able to accommodate and support economic growth.

Our capacity building modules cover all aspects of Destination Inspection, Verification of Conformity, Tracking, Industrial Laboratory Training, Management Services and KPI Assessment and Improvement. At the end of our concession period, MTS will have established a core competence and sound infrastructure upon which the host country can build.


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